Horatiu Gheorghe is a photographer which holds a BA(Hons) Art and Design: Photography and MA Photography degree at Nottingham Trent University.


While doing his university studies he worked as a unit stills photographer for two award winning movies produced by Castel Film Studios (www.castelfilm.ro), one of the most important full service private studio and film production company in Central and Eastern Europe: The Blind Squad (http://vimeo.com/70611499) and Puzzle for a Blind Man (http://www.imdb.com/video/withoutabox/vi3212551705?ref_=tt_pv_vi_aiv_1).




He has also worked as photojournalist and studio assistant for the news agency Mediafax ( http://www.mediafax.ro), the leading provider of real time news and  of the largest wire of event photography daily, connecting the local and central press to the most relevant events of the day in Romania.


Horatiu has been the official event photographer over the last years from 2010 to 2013 for Arena DNB (http://arenadnb.ro), the most important electronic dance music and reggae venue in Romania.


He has taken part in three photography group exhibitions:

-    “Wheat of Iona” (2010) – a poetry-photography independent cultural project of photographs taken in Jilava prison and poems written by intellectuals imprisoned by the communists.


-    “Boundaries” (2012) – a group showcasing an array of visual styles and photographic practices of NTU students. The exhibition brought together a range of work in which each individual has experimented and taken risks to push the boundaries of their work and of themselves as photographers.


-    “Spectrum” (2013) – Nottingham Trent University BA Hons Photography 17th Degree Show Festival, Spectrum was the pinnacle of photographic work from the final year studies that explores the creativity and versatility surrounding the medium of photography.


Horatiu uses a Nikon D700 with a varied range of lenses, but can operate most known brands of DLSRs or analog cameras.  He is proficient in Photoshop CS 6, Bridge CS 6, and Lightroom 5.



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